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We provide Creative Responsive Websites (optimized for all screen sizes) and Hosting Services that get the attention of your new and existing clients around the world.

As a firm, we do enterprise grade WordPress development for high-profile clients across the globe but we’re still the kind of people you’d like to go for a coffee with!

We specialize in high-end WordPress development for Small, Medium and Enterprise size companies. We build Enterprise level websites for small and medium size companies at very affordable prices.

We have a lot of the code we normally use in our blog, check it out and see how we start creating a website!

What Our Clients Say...

I had the privilege of working with Kyle through many programming classes over the years and watched him develop into a well driven, self motivated individual.
Recently in his career , Kyle has designed and programmed a variety of IOS apps as well as Internet applications. This only touches the surface of Kyle’s programming knowledge . Java , Python, CSS and many more high and low object oriented languages are held within his skill set. He would make a great addition to a programming team where people around him enjoy problem solving through abstract thinking with programming and would also be a great entrepreneur , knowing that he would take the time to add in the extra details any of his client(s) would want .

Kyle has taught himself how to build websites as his life-long skill and trade. He is currently making my husband and I a website for our car business. Looking forward to what we are sure will be a great website to help us sell cars!

Recent Posts

Logo Design

Good & Poor Logo Design

By wpsiteteam_admin | 0 Comments

A lot of websites/companies use their own logo’s to define who they are. For example, Facebook, it’s logo is a white f inside a blue box. When you have multiple tabs open, you can clearly see which tab is facebooks. However, a lot of websites use their own company name on their logo, this makes it very hard to fit into a tab’s picture.   Here is an example. You can clearly tell which tab is hulu and which tab is Netflix, even if you had 20+ tabs open and the names of the tabs weren’t visible, you’d still be able to locate their tab by simply looking for the red N for Netflix or the white h for hulu. Websites that use their current logo usually look small, or the image doesn’t look the same, or it’s pixelated. This makes it so that if I wanted to visit your […]

Have Multiple Classes

How to: Have Multiple Classes

By wpsiteteam_admin | 0 Comments

Here i will show you an example of how to define a tag with multiple different classes.   <h2 class=”city main”>Example 1</h2> <h2 class=”city”>Example 2</h2> <h2 class=”city”>Example 3</h2>   By using the following examples, you can see that example 1 has 2 words in the class unlike the other 2 examples. By doing this, it allows you to separate the two different classes. You can define class “city” and give it a background color of blue, but by using the class “main” you can define that specific example. For example, if you wanted to center the text or change the text color, you can define it with the “main” class.

Define A Class

How to: Define A Class

By wpsiteteam_admin | 0 Comments

In order for you to define a tag and make it possible for you to edit it with css, you will need to define it with either an id or a class. Here i will show you how to define it with a class.   <h2 class=”city”>Class Definition</h2> As you can see in the code ‘class=”city”‘, that will allow me to use the class “city” in css to edit what’s inside the tag. You can change the color of the text, the background color, and so much more!

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